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Online Store

Microweber, as mentioned has a built-in ecommerce functionality available right out of the box! It has support for promotions, custom tax rates, multiple currencies, various shipping rates, coupons, invoicing, and a unified login with social media accounts. Such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Live Page Editor

This free and fully open-source software includes all you need to start a brand new website with an online store in a single package. It comes with a visual built-in website builder that allows anyone to create a professional website without writing any code!

Innovative Technologies

Microweber is built on the Laravel PHP framework and is available under the MIT License. Experienced users can also take advantage of Microweber being open-source, as they can develop their own modules and templates. Resulting in a highly customized and advanced website.

or try Mobirise - Windows or Mac application

Mobirise Logo

Simple & Straightforward Interface

Mobirise is perfect for any small to medium size websites, landing pages, portfolios, and online resumes. It has a clean interface design that is easy to use for anyone with no experience. You don’t need to be a “techie” to build a beautiful website with this application. Simply drag and drop the blocks into the page, edit and style your content, and publish! No coding or technical skills are required.

Trendy Block Layouts

There is a large collection of pre-made blocks that any user can easily arrange and modify. From full-screen intros, various forms, content sliders, responsive image galleries, parallax scrolling, video backgrounds, sticky headers, and many more options.

Build Attractive Multi-Platform Websites

Mobirise gives you the ability to build pages that are 100% responsive and mobile-friendly. This application creates stylish pages that can be viewed on any of today’s modern devices.