Build a Website Without Coding Knowledge?

You can easily build a website without any programming knowledge!

Powering Over 4 Million Websites

It's popularity has grown due to the fact the free version of the app is very powerful and offers many free templates and block layouts. Create your own layouts and design your website without any coding knowledge.

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  • Elementor
  • Elementor Pro
Elementor vs Elementor Pro ElementorElementor Pro
Elementor vs Elementor Pro
Varies Per Plan
Drag & Drop Editor
Responsive Editing
40+ Basic Widgets
30+ Basic Templates
50+ Pro Widgets
300+ Pro Templates
Form Builder
Visual Form Builder + Popular Marketing Integrations
Popup Builder
WooCommerce Builder + Over 15 Shop Widgets
Dynamic Content & Custom Fields Capabilities
Motion Effects inc. Parallax & Mouse Effects
Full Theme Customization
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One Click WordPress Installation

With the help of our app installer, you can have WordPress up and running within minutes!

Easy WordPress Installations

With our easy app installer, WordPress can be installed without having to know the technical side of the installation process.

Free Let's Encrypt Certificates

We offer free Let’s Encrypt certificates with all of our hosting plans. Seamlessly set them up with every WordPress installation.

Completely Elementor Friendly

With the popularity of Elementor, we make sure it runs smoothly on our servers. Even the free version of this app is very powerful and offers many free templates and block layouts to get you started!

Expert WordPress Support

Before posting your next question at the WordPress.Org support forums. Consider sending our team of experts a ticket, with a guaranteed 15-minute response time.

Free Site Migrations

Leave the stressful stuff to us – we will move and test your website on our infrastructure free of charge, usually within 24-48 hours of submitting your request.

Automated Daily Backups

Our systems perform daily backups of your accounts, which are then kept on our servers for at least seven days. You also have the ability to back up on demand and restore at your convenience.

WordPress Staging Area

You can work on and test out new features for your site without the risk of breaking your live site. When you’re ready, you can integrate the changes with a single click.

Integrated User Management

Never worry about losing your administrator login password again! Seamlessly edit the password for your WordPress account without leaving our custom control panel.

Proactive Security Rules

Our system administrators are constantly improving our WAF rules, appling custom security patches, and improvements to our sever software.

Force HTTPS Encryption

Once you have enabled a SSL Certificate, you can force HTTPS encryption for your WordPress site with a single click, without the need for additional plugins.

Automated WordPress Updates

You can enable automated updates of the WordPress core version directly from our installer, ensuring that your website stays up-to-date and secure.

Honestly… we can’t say. In reality, this will depend on too many factors. The majority of this will have to do more with your project than what we bring to the table. However, we can guarantee that we constantly invest in the latest hardware. Currently, our servers are powered by 18 core Intel Xeon Gold Processors. With the addition of SSD storage for super fast file access speed. Additionally, we can guarantee that we never put too many users on a single shared server. If you’re still finding your WordPress site not performing as expected on our infrastructure, our Support Team will work with you to optimize it further.

Managed WordPress hosting mostly constitutes of the following:

  • WordPress Comes pre-installed, or with an easy to user installer.
  • Automated Updates of the WordPress core version
  • Daily full site backups
  • Free SSL Encryption with every account, on any plan
  • Enhanced security via custom firewall rules and patches
  • Expert assistance with any WordPress question, from free migrations to plugin updates, to the dreaded White Screen Of Death

We weren’t surprised to find out that we already checked off all of these items and have been consistently doing so for years!

There are two main differences between Silver Spruce and everyone else out there. The first is, we provide the quality and speed of our dedicated Support Team. Most of the time our customers will choose to ask our Support Team before going to the vendors of their theme or plugin, or to the large WordPress communities for help, and with good reason! While most hosting providers will let you know that troubleshooting or even fixing issues with third-party software is beyond their scope of services, our staff takes on such tasks daily.

The second one is our in-house development team and the unique products that they create for our users. Our custom control panel, which provides unrivaled control over the hosting environment in a friendly interface, ahead of the cPanel powered competition.

While free WordPress hosting exists, you will find limitations in even the simplest things and discover that services such as pointing your own domain to your free site come at an additional cost. Some of the paid web hosting providers have hidden limitations to their services ( beware of the word “unlimited” ), and may even sneakily inject JavaScript into your WordPress site. Another reason why we are very out-front about what you get with every plan and hosting account.

It’s not crucial, however SSH access can be very helpful for experienced users and developers because it allows for direct access to the underlying architecture of your WordPress site. Additionally we offer WP-CLI on all plans, which is a powerful command line interface to the WordPress core.

Most of our customers choose our Business plan that has the best value. It offers plenty of disk space ( 100 GB ), which is enough for big WordPress sites, and quite a few very large mailboxes ( up to 10 GB per mailbox )

  • Economy
  • Popular
  • Business Plus
Hosting Information Economy
Business Plus
Hosting Information
/ 1st year
/ 1st year
/ 1st year
Free Email Service
Free Daily Backups7 Days7 Days7 Days
Free SSL CertificatesLet's EncryptLet's EncryptGeotrust RapidSSL®
SSD Storage10 GB100 GB150 GB
Data Transfer500 GB /Month5000 GB /Month10,000 GB /Month
CPU Minutes
Your website will continue to function after this limit has been reached. If your account regularly exceeds this limit, and no further optimization is possible, a plan upgrade or a VPS service is recommended.
100 minutes /day150 minutes /day300 Minutes /day
WebApps Support
Thе WebApps technology allows you to run supervised background processes, such as Node.js servers, Django deployments, etc.
Free Site Migration
Control Panel
Elementor Friendly
Fun fact! Our website is powered by WordPress & Elementor!
WordPress Toolkit
WordPress management interface
one-click WordPress installations
WordPress staging
WordPress backup and restore.
Performance Optimization
Take advantage of PHP-FPM with OPcache and Server-side Caching to significantly boost the performance of your website.
Subdomains are individual web addresses built upon a pre-existing domain name, e.g. For example, if you wish to have a separate website for your sales department, you could create a subdomain called
FTP Accounts
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