Build Your Own Website - Free!

Easily build your website without any coding knowledge!

But why would you need a Website Builder?

For the “No WordPress” website building solution for those who want a Wix or Weebly type website. This is just as easy and intuitive!

Installed Directly From Your Control Panel

Kopage is one of the apps we have available in our app installer located in your hosting control panel.

Professional-look & responsive websites

Kopage builds websites with the Bootstrap Framework. It’s the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web!

Organized Drag & Drop

Most of the website contents can be easily arranged and re-arranged with the ability of just drag & dropping

Why is building a website so easy ?


There are plenty of templates you can choose from for the base of your website. All of these templates were created by professional designers who made sure your website will look great regardless of the device it’s viewed on. That way, you can start creating the website you want without needing to set up or know how to code anything. Simply click on the block you want to edit, and start making your changes.


Kopage includes tools that allow you to customize any aspect of your website. From the general look and fell of the website down to each specific font and icon. Easily add and customize the content of blocks of many different types on your website!


Kopage has built-in shopping cart support, so you can easily create an online store and start selling your products. You can configure your store to work with the most popular payment processors with just a few clicks.

Still not convinced? Try the live demo!