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When you’re communicating via email with your company domain, it builds confidence and trust in your customers. Create email addresses for all of your team members, setup forwarding rules, create mailing lists, and access all of your messages securely wherever you are. From your mobile device, or through the webmail interface.

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"Silver Spruce has been with my company from day 1, they have never let us down and has helped up grow every year. You can count on having CMC ltd as a client for life!"

All of our hosting plans come with Email Service that includes:

Email at Your Own Domain

Having your own email address with your domain ( ex. ) makes you look professional and will help establish credibility. It also allows you to reinforce the connection to your website.

Privacy and Security

When it comes to your data, we don't share it with any third parties and there are no ads interfering with your email communication. You can connect to your mailbox over an encrypted connection both via the Webmail interface and with any email application.

Helping You Save Money

Our email service is included with all of our hosting plans. We don't believe you should have to spend extra for it. Other hosting providers may charge extra for professional email services, while we provide a 100% free email service.

Email Service That's Reliable

Have you ever experienced email delays and undelivered messages? We know how important it is that your email be delivered reliably and on time. We understand that email communication is vital in most businesses today. We have automated monitoring systems and staff trained to handle any email problem, ensuring your business runs smoothly 24/7

Email Anywhere Anytime

Travel a lot? On the road a lot? Your messages are in sync across all of your devices if you access your mailbox via IMAP. Even if your computer or mobile device fails, your emails are safely preserved on our server.

Your Own Personal IT

We have our own support team to help you whenever you need assistance. Whether you have difficulties setting up the email client on your phone, or computer, or you need a message traced in the server logs, just contact us, and we will help you right away.

Email Service Included

Each of our hosting plans offer an unlimited number of mailboxes under your domain, set up mailing lists, auto responders, and email forwarders. You can access the mailboxes with an email client ( over POP3 or IMAP ) and also via the webmail. Our service also includes powerful antispam tools too!

Powerful Antispam Utilities

Antispam Utilities on our servers include: Real-time blocking lists – messages from known spam sources are blocked on the SMTP level – SpamDyke/graylisting – filtering messages on the SMTP level based on DNS checks – Spam Assassin – content filtering based on predefined rules as well as blocking lists, including Bayesian classifier.

Email Backups

Our servers create daily backups of your emails too. Our email system backups stretch seven days back on shared plans and 15 days for VPS accounts. The backups contain only the messages that are present in a given mailbox when a backup is created. If you are missing email messages, try recovering them from our system backups or contact our support team at for assistance.

No Email Send Rate Limits

Many hosts place hard caps on the number of messages one can send per hour. For example, GoDaddy limits users to no more than 250 recipients per day. We do not enforce such hard limits here. However, you are not allowed to send out unsollicited messages from our servers.


Our Webmail is a time-proven, classic webmail interface is developed in-house at our company and tightly integrated with our hosting services. It features a standard email layout with lots of functionality and allows you to manage the settings of your mailbox to the fullest.


RoundCube is a modern, responsive, and fully functional webmail application that you can use to access your email from anywhere using a web browser. We chose RoundCube as the newest web-based application solution that comes bundled with our hosting service because it is a mature and well-written application that is easy to use.

Another Email Application

Our hosting service does not restrict you to only using our web-based solutions. We support the full range of standard email protocols. There is no problem using your own email with your favourite desktop application such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, or any other email programs that are available.


If the old host uses cPanel, you can use the Migration tool in the Control Panel to import your mailboxes from a cPanel backup.

Not to worry though! We have our fully trained support team here to move your emails over hassle free.

To access your emails through a web browser, please go to:

You need to replace with your domain name.

Our email service is great, but don't take our word for it!